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Our Story

Moove Industries started in 2008 when, as a young boilermaker, Ray Taylor started to notice how many 1mm cutting discs the shop was using

“I started to think how many metal fabrication shops there are around the country, multiplied by how many discs were being used in each shop that must mean someone is making a lot of money! After doing a little research into the product I soon realised my hunch was right. There were some big multinational companies making ridiculous margins on these products. The next step was to set about sourcing a product which was the same or better quality, which I could sell at a much lower price.

The problem was, it’s not convenient to purchase your cutting discs from one supplier, your gloves from another and carbide burrs from yet another. That equates to 3 purchase orders, 3 invoices to enter into the accounting program, 3 bills to pay and a lot of admin time. My solution to the problem, why not offer all of the consumables you use in a metal fabrication shop in one convenient location – Moove Industries was born.

Of course there had to be something in it for me, and there is, I have traded the smell of welding fumes for a nice comfy office chair, combined with the satisfaction of knowing there are hundreds of tradesmen using quality products that make their day to day tasks easier.”

                                                      Ray Taylor

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