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How are we so affordable?

There are two main reasons we can offer such great prices

1. We purchase directly from the manufacturers. Our business model is to be the importer and retailer all-in-one, cutting out the middle man. Combined with marketing everything under our own brand, our costs are kept low allowing us to sell products at great prices without compromising quality.

2. We are an online store. By selling primarily online we avoid the high overheads of a physical store – rent, power, amenities, floor staff, etc. We pass these savings to our customers, meaning you pay less.

We encourage our customers to order online but accept phone orders for those who are more comfortable talking to a representative. Phone orders increase our administration costs; consequently there is a 5% surcharge for this service. Ordering online creases our efficiency, meaning we can pass the savings on to you

By working together we can cut your costs, keeping you competitive in an increasingly tough market. 

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